September 5, 2012 – 8:18PM

Today i felt the need to reflect on my day.

This morning at approximately 9AM I went to work, looking forward to sampling and meeting new people. However, as I was walking into work my boss told me that we werent sampling today, therefore I had to return at another time. Therefore I went to campus to pick up textbooks that I had ordered. Inside my box of textbooks came with a RedBull. (Thanks !) Immediately I started reading by Business Law textbook. I did have to read 2 chapters 2 days ago. After that I went back to work ( Jimmy Johns ) and ran the line for the first time. It was very encouraging and I can’t wait for the opportunity to do it again. Running the line consists of making the bread and leading a team of sandwich makers. Communication is key! After work I found out that there is another New Yorker from Long Island that just got hired. Looking forward to meeting her. I had Economics class at 2PM. It was awesome. I failed this class about 2 semesters ago, so I’m retaking it with a better attitude and a step ahead of everyone. After class, I went to Best Buy to buy a router for the wi-fi being installed in our house tomorrow. Spent about 70 bucks, hoping that everyone will pay me in time. After that I got dinner and had to head back to the house to get some internship stuff done. Boy, that was the most challenging thing I had to do! It is not easy going through every course in every department and matching textbooks to see if they qualify for the program you are working with. Surely I DID NOT finish. And thats that. Thats my September 5, 2012 – 8:18pm.


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